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DevOps Unbound is an award-winning biweekly video/podcast series with a companion monthly roundtable. DevOps Unbound focuses on DevOps, automation, CI/CD, and testing, featuring leaders in these areas as we explore the challenges and issues that software delivery and IT teams face every day. How do we go faster, smarter, with better quality? DevOps Unbound!

DevOps Unbound: Bi-Weekly Series

EP 6 - How to Lead a DevOps Transformation

In episode 6, we discuss DevOps at the C level. Great discussion on how to lead a DevOps transformation.

EP 5 - Outsourcing DevOps, Oxymoron or Truth

"Outsourcing DevOps, Oxymoron or Truth": Ming Gong of UST Global, Chris Rolls of TTC, Robina Laughlin of Guardian Life and Mitch Ashley of ASG lead the panel.

EP 4 - DevOps and the Mainframe

In the fourth episode, Gerta Sheganaku of Tricentis, Rosalind Radcliffe of IBM and Sam Knutson of Compuware join Mitch Ashley for an interview on app modernization, DevOps and the mainframe.

EP 3 - Open Source and DevOps

In this episode, Kevin Dunne, SVP of strategic initiatives at Tricentis, Tracy Miranda, executive director at CDF, and Alon Girmonsky, CEO and co-founder at UP9, discuss open source and DevOps.

EP 2 - DevSecOps and AppSec

In this episode, Mitchell Ashley and Alan Shimel are joined by Caroline Wong, CSO at Cobalt.io CSO, Andrew Van Der Stock, executive director at OWASP, and Dr. Grigori Melnik, CPO at Tricentis, to discuss DevSecOps and AppSec.

EP 1 - A Brief History of Testing

This inaugural episode of DevOps Unbound series covers a brief history of testing and how it plays into DevOps today.

DevOps Unbound: Monthly Roundtable

December 18 - Day 2 DevOps

Most enterprises are either contemplating or have already begun their DevOps adoption/digital transformation, but once started, the next logical question is “What’s next?" DevOps success begins with success on a few software teams, expanding to more teams, leading to dreams of adoption by the larger organization. Welcome to Day 2 DevOps, now...what’s next? Join us in with an all-star panel of thought leaders as we discuss what to do after you’ve taken your first DevOps baby steps.​

November 20 - The Reality of Testing in DevOps

Our panel discusses the true current state of the art for testing and test automation when utilizing DevOps. The discussion will include addressing questions such as; What is the state of art? Is that achievable by most organizations? Are we getting all from testing in DevOps we could be getting? What can we do to make that state of the art achievable by more organizations?

October 30 - Defeating DevOps Demons and Haunted Systems

Anyone who’s frightened by the ghouls, goblins and demons of Halloween has obviously never been in the depths of a DevOps initiative. Even the most successful projects can’t escape the scares that inevitably arise when you fundamentally transform—and continuously optimize—culture, processes and technologies. The troubles terrorizing new and less mature DevOps initiatives can be downright ghastly. But fear not, DevOps Unbound to the rescue! In this interactive, all-star roundtable, DevOps experts will help you root out the DevOps demons lurking beneath enterprise DevOps adoptions. Join us with your questions, fears, and horror stories for this Halloween-themed roundtable.

September 22 - Fitting SAP into a DevOps world

SAP and DevOps were born of distinctly different worlds, but those two worlds have now collided. The SAP core, an organization’s SAP customizations, and all the connected applications are growing inextricably intertwined as SAP plays a larger role in digital transformation. What’s needed to make SAP a successful—and integral—part of the DevOps culture and CI/CD pipelines? That’s the challenge our panel of experts will tackle in this roundtable. Join us—with your own questions and concerns—as we explore issues such as:

August 18 - DevEverythingOps: Tackling the Top Challenges Together

We won’t bore you with all the reasons DevOps requires alignment across business, development, testing, security, and of course operations. That’s established. But the real question is how to coordinate all these elements at the enterprise level—beyond the high-performing DevOps native teams and across the ones with vastly different cultures, application stacks, and compliance requirements. Join us in this first DevOps Unbound Roundtable to learn hear from the leaders across all aspects of BizDevTestSecOps.